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Picotechnology are Atoms made of (Protons, Neutrons & Electrons), And is Game Changer for all industries, For Agriculture "PicoAG 4-N-1 product" made of only atoms 1000 times smaller than nano and made of femto elements! Pico Ag a single product will replace Ag chemicals, Ag Fertilizer, Ag Remediation, Ag Pesticides, No Side Effects with a single product of atoms 100% organic matter. So this begs the questions why isn't Picotechnology taught in any worldwide university, because their would be no Agri-Chem, Phrama or Cleaning as we know it! Picotechnology will eliminate says university millions of employed! The purge has started and 5000 new products will hit the marketplace! Change the way people think and basis technology and people will never be the same!

In 2016 we had 2 agriclture journals papers published,and working on 2 more now!
Ramesh Ravella Sweet Sorghum 1312015AJEA23608 Biofuel Feedstock Cut fertilizer by 50% increase crop production!
Ramesh Ravella Canola Bio-Material Analyses of Two Canola Cultivars Cut fertilizer by 50% increase crop production!

How does "PicoAg 4N1 25B" affect Pests?
As a pesticide you need a multipurpose mode of action for each pests you want to control.
Bacteria has a cell membrane and you have to puncture it and drain proteins and lipid.
Fungi which is made of cellulose and chitin need elimination.
Viruses need elimination strands of nucleic acid, either DNA or RNA, and protective protein coat (the capsid), Or a lipid envelope, surrounding the protein.

"PicoAg 4n1" immediately impacts the exoskeleton structure of the pest upon contact by disrupting the molecular structure of the chitin and other protein substances that protect the insect. This mechanism of action triggers the rapid and irreversible deterioration of the insect's spiracles and tracheal system, resulting in suffocation. "PicoAg 4N1 25B" kills insects with elimination of chitin is a polysaccharide, a carbohydrate that has a chain sugar molecules, Chitin is a structure like cellulose. In addition to being found in exoskeletons.
"PicoAg 4N1 25B" major benefit of this revolutionary method of insect control is the absence of undesirable side effects on human health and no harm to the ecosystem. Additionally, unlike standard insecticides in use today, no built-in resistance can be developed by the targeted insects, since this new insecticide does not act on the nervous system, but rather on the respiratory apparatus."

Science suggests that "PicoAg 4N1 25B" can be mechanical in primary sequential steps:
The first step is a direct interaction between the surface and the pests outer membrane, causing the membrane to rupture and leak water, proteins and nutrients.
A second step related to the holes in the outer membrane, through which the pests lose vital nutrients, protein, lipids, water and components, causing general weakening of pests.
Lastly a few more ways electromechanical can affect pests
Electromechanical in "PicoAg 4N1 25B" can affect pests by penetration and dissolve lipid cellular membranes.
This causes cells desiccation to leak water, proteins and nutrients and collapse.
By interfering with cellular metabolism during metamorphosis.
By dissolving cuticles the lubrication in the insect’s joints leading to paralysis.
By stripping the pests protective shields (wax, biofilm, etc), rendering it defenseless against subsequent treatment.
The extracts impact the exoskeleton structure of pests upon contact by disrupting the molecular structure of the chitin and other protein substances that protect the insect.
The extracts have the ability to penetrate complex hydrocarbon chains and disintegrate them.
The extracts emulsify pests thus stopping their reproduction cycle.
The change the environment for growth with PH from acidophiles and neutrophiles to alkaliphiles.

After punching holes, how does "PicoAg 4N1 25B" further damage the cell?

Now that the cells main defense (its outer envelope) has been breached, there is an unopposed stream of "PicoAg 4N1 25B" entering the cell. This puts several vital processes inside the cell in danger. "PicoAg 4N1 25B" literally overwhelms the inside of the cell and obstructs cell metabolism (i.e., the biochemical reactions needed for life). These reactions are accomplished and catalyzed by enzymes. When "PicoAg 4N1 25B" binds to these enzymes, their activity grinds to a halt. Pests can no longer "breathe", "eat", "digest", “reproduce” or “exist”.

How can "PicoAg 4N1 25B" punch holes in a pests?

Every cell's outer membrane, including that of a single cell organism like a pests, is characterized by a stable electrical micro-current. This is often called "transmembrane potential", and is literally, a voltage difference between the inside and the outside of a cell. It is strongly suspected that when a pests comes in contact with a "PicoAg 4N1 25B" surface, a short circuiting of the current in the cell membrane can occur. This weakens the membrane and creates holes and leak water, proteins and nutrients.

How can "PicoAg 4N1 25B" effect be so fast, and affect such a wide range of pests?

Experts explain the speed with which pests and other pests perish on "PicoAg 4n1" surfaces by the multi-targeted "PicoAg 4N1 25B" effects. After membrane perforation, can inhibit any given enzyme that "stands in its way," and stop the cell from transporting or digesting nutrients, from repairing its damaged membrane, from breathing or multiplying. Harmless to Environment Air, Water, Soil, Humans, Birds and Animals. This new science has no side effects or harm on human, birds and animal health. These solutions do not harm mammal cells nor do they attack neurological systems of humans, birds and animals.

Science suggests that "PicoAg 4N1 25B" can be mechanical in primary sequential steps:

I would not take a science class in a university for free, It will dummy down you and you never recover!

Thomas Cardinal Wolsey 1471-1530 Said! “Be very, very careful what you put in that head, because you will never, ever get it out. You will have lost the ability for critical thought and questioning, and just be part of some industries wanted brain washed "GROUP THINKERS". Knowing nothing when you thought you new everything!