EPA Exempt 25B Z,C,N Picocides For Small Insects Control

Pico Technology LLC
5731 Lexington Drive, Parrish, FL 34219 800 995-9203, 336 306-0193
Email: Email donwilshe@biobased.us Emails go to spam, Best Call Us For Questions, Open 7 days EST 10AM to 10PM!

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Insects Mealy Bugs
Insects Red Mites
Insects Spotted Mites
Bob Murray Experience With Pico 1 Mealy Bugs Soft Green Scale Torpedo Scale False Oleander Scale Red Mites Spotted Mites
Insects Aphids
Insects Pythium Pythium Gone 10 days
Insects Soft Green Scale (Coccus viride)Scale Removal
Insects Torpedo Scale Scale Removal
Insects False Oleander Scale Pseudaulacaspis cockerelli Scale Removal
Insects Red Scale Scale Removal
Insects Euomymus Scale Scale Removal
Insects San Jose scale Scale Removal
Insects False scale Scale Removal
Insects No Worms from vector Wasp in Guava or Papaya Fruit
Insects White Flies
Insects Leaf Miner (Lepidoptera), sawflies (Symphyta) flies (Diptera) beetles
Insects Leaf Hopper
Insects Wooly Adelgid
Insects Chinch Bugs
Insects Thrips
Insects Stink Bugs
Insects Armyworms Prevention
Insects Cearel Leaf Beetle Cearel Leaf Beetle Trail
Insects Corn Leaf Aphids
Insects European Corn Borer
Insects Japanese Beetle
Insects Ants
Insects Palm aphid
Insects Spider mites
Insects Palm weevils
Insects Caterpillars
Insects Lice
Insects Nematodes
Insects Fruit Fly

Pico Technology LCC
Donald Wilshe
805 Cottage Hill Way
Parrish, FL 34219
Email: donwilshe@biobased.us
Phone USA 800 995-9203 Direct to Cell.
Phone USA INTL 336-306-0193

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